segunda-feira, março 19, 2007

Kurara Chibana

Este é o vídeo de Kurara, que citei no post anterior. Ficou em segundo lugar no concurso, além de ter o melhor figurino, um tipo de sexy samurai.

A moça é de Okinawa, é bem articulada e fala francês, espanhol e inglês. E é uma gracinha hein.

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c'est moi disse...

KURARA CHIBANA is the winner of many people’s hearts in 2006 and still is today…

There are so many people who still can’t get over her loss last year (Just do a Google Blog search on Kurara Chibana and read the comments on related Youtube videos).

Although Miss Japan wins this year, I can’t help but consider this 50% of success was influenced by Kurara Chibana’s near-winning in 2006. If not for the publicity which Kurara had generated (with her personality and great intellect) without any recent major predecessor or influences since 2003’s Miss Japan who also made into the Top 5, I think Riyo Mori wouldn’t have the benefit of having the judges’ and audiences’ predisposed attention this year.

I mean it’s all about karma and sub-conscious factors, which perhaps can be defined along the line of “subliminal influences” and “rippling effects”. Because people are still so charmed by Kurara Chibana’s endearing personality, linguistic and intellectual abilities from last year that they would naturally take a great interest in this year’s Miss Japan, and see if the standard is still there or even better.

Although I am not in a position to comment about who is better, I could probably and boldly concur that Kurara Chibana is an embodiment of what a 21st century Asian female should be - Western and Asian knowledge, Asian women’s strong and independent personality, great sense of style and beauty, and not forgetting a burning passion in one’s life.

After all, how many Miss Universes could we remember for their great personalities and beauty even years after they have won and passed on the crown? I don’t think there’s many to count on fingers.

For a 1st Runner Up like Kurara Chibana who is still unforgotten in some audiences’ minds and still greatly appreciated a year after, I guess this could probably be seen as the next highest level a Miss Universe finalist can go.

Because after the one year Miss Universe reign, what the ladies have got left are their personalities and individual qualities to help them in their future careers and lives, not the 250K crown or sash. More so, if we are more interested in a Miss Universe Runner-up instead of the actual winner, can we still say Kurara Chibana has lost?

From an alternative point of view, perhaps by not winning the title has made Kurara truly and even more unforgettable in the audiences’ hearts. Although it is still early to say, but thoughout the next decade or so, when people mention Miss Japan or Miss Universe 2006, I’m pretty sure Kurara’s name will pop up followed by praises and appreciative comments.

I’m not a Japanese. I’m not speaking for Japan.

I’m just speaking from a human’s point of view.

If years after 2006, we could still recall that charming and passionate Kurara Chibana in our hearts, perhaps that’s the kind of quality a Miss Universe titleholder should have. For Kurara to have embodied that quality, she not only has already surpassed the status of a Miss Universe winner but has also gone the way of truly being a gorgeous legend in people’s hearts.

Yours truly,
C’est Moi.